Kendo Monochrome is:
Creator/Photographer-Andy Rogers.
Chief Translator-Ami Aniyama.
Artistic Director-“Mono” the cat.

Note from the creator of Kendo Monochrome:

The longer I study kendo, the more I appreciate my teachers, sempai and kohai. Kendo cannot be practiced alone. It is largely about the coming together of community and helping each other to be better than yesterday. When I started to understand kendo on a basic level, I realized that I didn’t understand myself. The fight against one’s self is the real battle in kendo.

Here in Nagoya, I am surrounded by kendo people of all ages who continually amaze and inspire me to try harder and keep reaching new levels. I am lucky to have these people in my life. Although I will never be seen as Japanese (and nor do I want to be, I am Australian), I am always treated equally in the dojo or on the shiai-jo. I rarely find the type of purity in any other walk-of-life that I find in kendo.

Because of this and because I enjoy creating, I want to share something with each of you.

♦ For those outside Japan: I want to give you an inside view to help you along in YOUR kendo journey.
♦ For those inside Japan: I want to thank you for each opportunity and record these times.
♦ For those who don’t study kendo: I want to show you a small part of the beauty and poetry of kendo culture.

“Life is short, but what you keep inside can never be taken from you. Don’t waste this day.”

I hope you find some value in Kendo Monochrome.
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