Kei Niwa sensei

Kendo Monochrome - Interview-2

1. When and where did you start kendo?
When I was a junior high school student, I joined the Kendo club.

2. Who have been your main or most influential teachers?

3. Why did you begin studying kendo?
To make friends.

4. In what ways does the study of kendo benefit you?

  • Compassion for people.
  • The timing when I start my action at the match.

5. What do you feel have been your greatest contributions toward budo?
Spirit to help each other rather than individualism.

6. What was the most difficult grade you ever passed (or didn’t pass) and why?
7-Dan, because I do kendo selfishly.

7. At your current level of kendo, what are the main points that you are currently working on?
The thought for making the first cut during keiko (初太刀)

8. What is your tokui-waza (“go to technique”)?

9. Which direction would you like to see kendo go toward in the future?
I hope that Kendo won’t become a sport from budo like judo.

Translated by Ami Aniyama