Koji Kawasaki sensei

Kendo Monochrome - Interview-4

1. When and where did you start kendo?
I started it when I was in high school, Osaka Prefectural Kishiwada High school.

2. Who have been your main or most influential teachers? (If known, who/where did your teacher/s study from?)
The late Mr. Yoshiaki Yamamoto (Osaka Shudo-kan)
The late Mr. Naritoyo Yamauchi (Nagano Shinshu University)

3. Why did you begin studying kendo?
I was Invited from my friend.

4. In what ways does the study of kendo benefit you?
Civility (manners, modesty)

5. What do you feel have been your greatest contributions toward budo?
Teaching kendo to children. Involvement in the facilitation and planning of regional activities.

6. What was the most difficult grade you ever passed (or didn’t pass) and why?
6-Dan. It was the first time when I failed a kendo examination. Moreover, I failed it twice! I reflected on it because I thought that I did kendo selfishly.

7. At your current level of kendo, what are the main points that you are currently working on?
First of all, enjoying kendo more! Also, exchanging ideas with people from other dojo or adopting new ways of practicing from courses, lectures, references and so on.

8. What is your tokui-waza (“go to technique”)?
Men waza (Debana-men 出鼻面, Hiki-men 引き面, etc)

9. Which direction would you like to see kendo go toward in the future?
I think it is good for kendo to be known to the world wide, but I hope kendo doesn’t become a game only about winning or losing.

10. Do you have a motto or favourite phrase?
Doryoku (努力) “Effort”.
ko-ken-chi-ai (交剣知愛) “Humanity and mutual understanding through kendo”.

Translated by Ami Aniyama