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112th Kyoto Enbu Taikai (2016) – 第112回全日本剣道演武大会

112th Kyoto Taikai - 20

Every year during Japan’s Golden Week, Kyoto’s Butokuden becomes the focal point for budoka from across the globe. Continue reading »

8-Dan keikokai (Museido 無声堂)

kendomonochrome.com - Museido 8Dan keikokai (25)
Soon to become 100 years old, Museido is the former location for the 8-Dan Invitational Tournament held in Nagoya each year (previously named the Meiji-Mura Kendo Taikai). I was lucky to be invited to watch an all 8-Dan keikokai there recently. The attending sensei came from all corners of Japan. Continue reading »

Christchurch Kendo Club (Seitou Kenyukai)

Canterbury Kendo Club (31)

~ Fall down 7 times, rise up 8! ~

When a work assignment sent me to New Zealand’s Christchurch for 2 weeks, I was naturally excited at the prospect of practicing kendo with new people and experiencing a part of the world that I have not yet visited.

Following advice from the New Zealand Kendo Renmei’s president, Shizuoka based Graham Sayer-sensei, I promptly made contact with Dr Blake Bennett who kindly invited me to attend practice with Seitou Kenyukai (Canterbury Kendo Club) at Chuseikan Dojo.

With camera and bougu packed, I was on my way to practice in the 3rd southernmost kendojo in the world! Continue reading »

Koji Kawasaki sensei

Kendo Monochrome - Interview-4

1. When and where did you start kendo?
I started it when I was in high school, Osaka Prefectural Kishiwada High school.

2. Who have been your main or most influential teachers? (If known, who/where did your teacher/s study from?)
The late Mr. Yoshiaki Yamamoto (Osaka Shudo-kan)
The late Mr. Naritoyo Yamauchi (Nagano Shinshu University)

3. Why did you begin studying kendo? Continue reading »

Kenichi Kimura sensei

Kendo Monochrome - Interview-3

1. When and where did you start kendo?
I am 66 years old now. I started kendo when I was 35 years old at Kuwana Kume Kendo Shonendan.

2. Who have been your main or most influential teachers?
At first, Yamashita-sensei (Kumeshonendan). Now, Fujiwara-sensei (Hiroshima)

3. Why did you begin studying kendo?
My son started kendo, but after the second or third time, he was crying in a corner when I went to pick him up. Continue reading »